Teac Marine


From the craft tradition to the nautical dream

The Teac Marine was born from an idea of Carlo Parlavecchio, heir to the family tradition of craftsmanship and a great lover of the sea. Carlo decides to apply the skills acquired in carpentry to the nautical world and in 2010 he founded a company specialized in the production of teak decks, naval carpentry and cabinet making. 

The first project commissioned to Teac Marine is the restoration of nine wooden canoes and a lifeboat. Then the realizations of the first teak covers and interior furnishings for some yachts, experiences that will lead to the birth of collaborations with several Sicilian shipyards for the construction of teak decks of yachts from 50 to 110 feet (35 meters). 

From the construction of the first teak deck to today, operating in the marine industry has allowed Teac Marine to participate in the creation of real dreams, made of quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques. Dreams that were born from the thought and work of professionals in love with the sea. 
We at Teac Marine, really in love with the sea, intend to continue to guarantee all the excellence and professionalist that derive from the italian artisan tradition and the continuous innovation of the nautical sector. Without forgetting to respond to the demands of economic and environmental sustainability. This is the vision of the future of boating that we intend to bring forward to Teac Marine. A vision that we hope will always be able to sail the seas of the world aboard dream yachts and superyachts.